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This event is sponsored by:

2018 PacaBuddies

Will be held at the

Douglas County Fairgrounds
September __ and __, 2018

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Alpacas, and the fiber they create, in various forms, will be there, stop by and visit!

The event is free and parking is also free.

Owning & Raising Alpacas Isn't Just About Caring for Animals, it's much more!
A more focused aspect of alpaca ownership - an opportunity for your child's individual growth - caring for animals while developing personal responsibility, teamwork and leadership. Alpaca ownership can be a family project - safe enough for the very young to be involved, learning responsibility and family teamwork.
Hardy and easy to manage alpacas are not just a hobby. These soft-footed, eco-friendly creatures are easy on the pasture and produce high quality fertilizer as well. Check out the "alpaca lifestyle" by visiting our participating farms. We believe you will like what you see. A venture in itself - from the raw fiber at the time of shearing through the finished product. This may be as relatively simple as a spinner making yarn or as extensive as creating socks, hats, a variety of luxury wear, felted products, artwork and even heirlooms.
Sometimes this is referred to as "fiber to fashion". It is the process of adding value to the alpaca fleece.
Consider the options - direct revenues from alpaca and fiber sales; indirect revenues from the agricultural tax status and the lifestyle benefits of a small business; and secondary revenues from horizontal or vertical business integration. You don't need a fortune or a fancy facility to get started.

No doubt about it! Alpacas will bring a smile and relaxation to your life—whether a family project, as pets, or a fiber/livestock production business. They are cute, gentle and soothing to the soul.


Havin' a bad day? Grab yourself a short chair, a cool, quiet place and sit among the alpacas. They will sooth the soul and calm the heart. ...and if you want to try that out right now, find somebody close to you and grab a phone

PacaBuddies is a group of like-minded local Alpaca owners & breeders who have joined together and pooled resources to better share the experience with members of our community. Owning Alpacas can be a business and there are many financial benefits, but it can also be a total lifestyle experience.
   As owners of alpacas, our animals are more than just livestock. They have become an integral part of the everyday lives we lead. It is different for each of us, but through Alpacas, we experience them bringing our families and commiunities closer together. We regularly host events where you can come and meet several breeders and their animals at once.  
    Each breeder has something unique to offer. By visiting so many in one place, you can find that breeder shares your values and can give you a taste of the experience you are looking for.
   We're looking forward to meeting you.




Welcome to our event.  We hope you will have the opportunity to visit a farm or alpaca event to learn about alpacas and meet people living this satisfying and rewarding lifestyle.
  Every farm has their unique style of welcoming and educating visitors. You won't want to miss this experience! Many Alpaca Owners are participating and will be open for visitors.
  We welcome you to take part in the excitement of this special weekend in September!

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